Great IT in the U.S!

Great IT in the U.S!

Great IT has now been active in the US for over a year! We have a couple of established customers and references. Our focus is on Cloud, IaaS and application development, and we will be a bridge between the U.S.A and Sweden.

We help:

• Swedish companies who need IT-support in the USA

• Swedes who want to work with companies and projects in the USA

• Swedes who want to work in the USA

• Americans who want to work with a flat and fast organization

• Americans who want the opportunity to work on projects in Europe

• American companies that want “Swedish near-shoring”, that is, highly competent resources at reasonable prices

If you see yourself in any of the scenarios above, feel free to contact Bax. Baxley Miceli is an American, who lived 20 years in Sweden, who now spends a lot of time in Houston, Texas. But our delivery is in New Jersey, California, Houston and Malmö, Sweden. Many thanks to our colleagues and to our customers in the U.S. Thanks to SACC (Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce Texas) for their support.